Remember: Steam Trawler Leukos

ST Leukos

Sunk with all 11 hands by gunfire from U-38 (Liebe) - NW Tory Island - 9th March 1940 The Leukos was fishing in the company of British trawlers and she may have positioned herself between these fleeing trawlers and the U-boat in the vain belief that her status as a neutral would be respected. Alternatively the Leukos might have attempted to ram the U-38. Alternatively, as the Leukos was on the British registry until 1928, U-38 might have old information and thought that she was British, falsely flying the tricolour Read the wikipedia article
  • Cullen, Michael, Ringsend, Dublin
  • Donnelly, William, Fleetwood, England
  • Gill, Tony, Dublin
  • Hawkins, James, Ringsend, Dublin
  • McCarthy, Patricio, Dublin
  • McLeod, T., Fleetwood, England
  • Mulligan, Thomas, Dublin
  • O'Scanlon, P.J., Cleethorpes, England
  • Smith, Bernard, Marino, Dublin
  • Sumher, Robert, Dublin
  • Thomasson, James Potter, Fleetwood, England

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