SS Ardmore
Mined and sunk off Saltees Island, 12th November 1940
Mined and sunk off Saltees Island, 12th November 1940
The SS Ardmore left Cork on 11 November 1940, bound for Fishguard with a cargo of livestock. She never arrived. The wreck was located in 1995, south of the Saltees, with massive damage near her engine room. A defensive string of mines had been laid across the entrance of the Bristol channel. They were intended to protect shipping from U-boats. They should have been firmly anchored to the seabed. However they were frequently washed up on Wexford and Waterford beaches. There had been a severe southerly gale on 10 November: the day before Ardmore sailed. It is possible that a mine set adrift by that gale could have struck the Ardmore.
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