Remember City of Bremen

SS City of Bremen

Sunk by aircraft - Bay of Biscay - 2nd June 1942

Sunk by aircraft – Bay of Biscay – 2nd June 1942

At 6pm on 2 June 1940, The City of Bremen (Saorstait and Continental Lines) was transporting grain from Lisbon to Dublin when she was bombed by a Junkers 88 bomber and sunk. The crew were rescued by a Spanish fishing trawler.

One of the crew, George Gerrassimoff, was Russian. It was feared that he might not be welcome because of the recent Spanish Civil War, so he was named “Paddy Murphy”

Evening Mail 13 June 1942

The master of the City of Bremen having reported that the loss of the vessel was the result of an attack made by a German aircraft, the ChargĂ© d’Affaires at Berlin has been instructed to protest energetically to the German government and to obtain full compensation for the loss of the ship and her cargo

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