USS Indianapolis – this terrible tragedy

Flag Ship of the United States Navy 1945

USS Indianapolis

Portland Class Heavy Cruiser USS Indianapolis

(Flag Ship of the United States Navy 1945)

  1. What was in the crates under heavy guard on the Deck of the USS Indianapolis?
  2. Why was no escort provided which was very unusual?
  3. Why was her Captain made a scapegoat for the Navy’s incompetence?
  4. Why did 900 men drowning in the Philippines go unnoticed for 5 days?
  5. What hand of God caused a USS seaplane to open its Bomb bay to fix an Antenna and see the men struggling to survive in the sea?
  6. Why did Sharks attack and kill over 300 men while others went unharmed?

A talk and Film on this terrible tragedy in July 1945 as WW2 was coming to an end

Given by Terry Cummins, National PRO, Irish Naval Association

Thursday 16th January 2014 at 8pm <- Note change of date!

Stella Maris Seamen’s Club, 3 Beresford Place, Dublin 1. (beside Busarus)

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