Print of Asgard II – An update

It is about two months since I launched these prints at lectures in Cork and Dublin for the Nautical Institute at which the idea of a new tall ship was proposed. It will be early next year before this goes public but all publicity will be of benefit. So far I have taken 45 orders, which seems slow but every one will be treasured for different reasons. The money raised will only be a drop in the ocean towards the cost of a new tall ship but the equal amount will benefit the Maritime Institute, greatly. I have displayed a sample of the print fully mounted, ready for framing and protected in cellophane at events at the National Maritime College (NMCI) in Cork, at Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL} in DunLaoghaire, at the AGM and Maritime Heritage seminar at the National Maritime Museum in DunLaoghaire and at the Discovery Programme Conference, achieving some orders. Marcus Connaughton was good enough to do an interview with me on Seascapes (podcast, 1st Nov) and later that night I got an order which I am following up. An elderly lady from Mayo contacted me on the internet. She wants a print as a Christmas present for her daughter who worked on Asgard II. She suggested picking it up at the National Museum at Collins Barracks. She can only come to Dublin early next week as she needs a companion to travel. On foot of orders I have placed an order of 50 prints but these take a week to complete as each one is done individually with the best inks to be exactly the same as the master. They are then mounted at a different location. To keep costs down there is nothing factored in for delivery so I need to get them to collection points. As this lady can only get to Dublin once before Christmas I am going to give her the sample and I think her idea of collecting it at Collins Barracks is inspired. She has not been there. She can see the Bantry Long Boat and the original Asgard on her day out. She asked if it is out of my way to drop off the print. It is my pleasure. In my earlier write-up on Asgard II, which you can read on this web site I said that I will be doing a lecture on the Coastguard 1822-2014 and this has been approved for 19:30 on Thurs 10th April In the National Maritime Museum in DunLaoghaire and if anyone has stories, pictures, texts or memorabilia I will be happy to receive them. I hope to also get to the NMCI but have to arrange this. At a later date I hope to do a lecture on the Bantry Long Boat. I had great cooperation from the curator at Collins barracks in 2011 when we brought Admiral Nielly to see the boat that his direct fore bearer "lost" in Bantry Bay. I must seek permission to send a sample of the Asgard II print for display in the foyer where it will draw attention to another piece of our Maritime Heritage. In the meantime I think the print will make a nice gift to those associated with the Asgard, sailors and those who would just like a nice picture, with a story. Regards Joe "ryan [dot] jjj [at] gmail [dot] com"
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