Lecture Joe Varley 6March14

On Thursday 6th of March 2014, There will be a lecture in Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club. The title of the lecture is “"Beef, Butter and Pork - Cork Shipping Trade During the American War of Independence 1775-83"” and it will be presented by the maritime historian: Joe Varley. The merchants of Cork from the middle of the 18th Century became very wealthy by exporting heavily salted beef, pork and butter. The main markets were in Spain, Portugal and in the West Indies. However the American war created a military demand for these exports. This demand had an immediate and long-term effect on business and shipping in the port of Cork. These changed circumstances form the theme for this lecture. Joe Varley has had a long-time interest in Irish Maritime History. He returned to study as a mature student in 2012. The research for this lecture was taken from academic work presented at that time.
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