Lecture 3 March 2016

Glenua Sailing Centre


The Sea From Two Perspectives


Art and the Sea-An Enduring Fascination


Jessica O’Donnell

 Putting Eyes in the Deep Ocean


Fiona Grant

Thursday 3 March 2016



Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club Ringsend

Entry €5 (in aid of RNLI)


Jessica O’Donnell is Collections Curator at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. She is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and the University of St Andrews. Her publications include Discover Art (shortlisted for CBI Children’s Book of the Year in 2008) and Harry Clarke The Eve of St Agnes (2012). She also enjoys sailing and is a member of Sailing in Dublin (SID) Club. Her talk will explore how  artists have been captivated by the sea from many perspectives including how the Impressionists loved portraying people at leisure by the sea; how safeguarding the freedom of the seas was represented in artworks commissioned as war time propaganda; to contemporary artists  whose fascination with the sea and marine life continues to inspire. Fiona Grant, is in the Marine Institute, Ireland. Fiona began her studies in geology before going on to specialise in marine geophysics and earth system dynamics. Her first job was as conservation coordinator for wild salmon and sea trout before taking responsibility for research infrastructures in the Marine Institute. Her talk will focus on some of the challenges in observing the deep ocean environment, how to harness ocean energy in Galway Bay and present some of the latest results from studies in the Atlantic Ocean
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