Lecture 14 April 2016

Glenua Sailing Centre


Aud wreck © John Collins photography


Maritime Aspects of The 1916 Rising


Dr. Edward Bourke

Thursday 14 April 2016



Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club Ringsend

Entry €5 (in aid of RNLI)

Glenua Sailing Centre



Edward Bourke is an industrial microbiologist recently retired from brewery research. He is also maritime historian and has published five books on Irish shipwrecks as well as a history of Guinness. Currently he is working on the role of intelligence during the war of Independence in Ireland. In his illustrated lecture, Edward will explore several maritime aspects of the 1916 events. Foremost among them being the role played by the Royal Navy in suppressing the Rising by strategic interventions. The role of the Helga is greatly exaggerated as most of the shelling of Dublin was done by field artillery. Import of guns for the Volunteers in 1914 was carefully controlled by the British authorities. The navy had ample forewarning of the intentions of the Volunteers but the 1916 Rising proceeded. While a seminal event in Irish History the rising in Ireland was a sideshow in the Great European war and arguably a pawn in a much greater strategy.

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