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Dublin Port Diving Bell

Engineering by Cormac F. LowthThis article was first published in The International Journal of Diving History, Volume 3, Number 1, July 2010 The restored bell In  the  nineteenth  century,  several  factors  combined,  which  both  facilitated  and  necessitated  the expansion of

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Diving on the Lusitania


Diving on the Lusitania from Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast

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The East India Company at Dundaniel

ruin of Dundaniel Castle

Paddy O’Sullivan For more on this theme read: The Asian Adventures of the Bandon River Ships: “Hope” and “Thomas”. PREFACE In attempting to give an account of the East India Company at Dundaniel and especially their iron works, it has

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Dublin Shipyards

from book cover from Pat Sweeneys book Liffey Ships

Irish Shipbuilding

Miscellaneous Dublin yards

While the main shipbuilding in Dublin Involved the Liffey yard, later Vickers, and Ross & Walpole several early years have disappeared without trace.

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