The Log of the Mollie B

log-of-the-molly-b-300x416The Log of the Mollie B written and illustrated by Pete Hogan Pete Hogan has written an entertaining autobiography of himself and his boat , the Molly B. The tale commences with building in Vancouver through sailing around the world and ends with the yacht’s demise between Menorca and Sardinia. In the intervening pages there is an enthralling tale of a single handed sailing adventure full of mishap and incident which somehow is a most entertaining read. This is no round the world race with teams of bronzed crew tearing at coffee grinders in a manic battle to outwit the competition. It is a more leisurely meander at peace with nature and the sea in a less competitive Tahiti ketch. You can imagine the mosquitoes biting during the protracted passage through the malarial Panama Canal. The Roaring Forties and Cape Horn live up to their reputation complete with knock downs, cold rough seas and a welcome helpful wind. This could pass for a simple round the world sailor’s tale but it differs from other in that Pete Hogan is an accomplished and trained artist. They say a picture tells a thousand words and the book is liberally spices with illustrations of events and places that light up the narrative. The combination is magic and sets the book apart from other sailor’s tales which so often dissolve into a mire of hardship and dry bread. Any sailor will enjoy this book.     The Liffey Press, Dublin, 2012 ISBN 978 190830821 4