U Boats


U Boat Hunters, U Boat Intelligence, U Boats Destroyed by Robert M Grant

Reprinted by Periscope publishing 33 Barwis Terrace, Penzance Cornwall TR 18, 2AW £14.99 each, ISBN 1 904 381 15 4, ISBN 1 904381 01 4

Robert M Grant originally published the three books on U boat activities during the first world war based on his research in American archives from 1964. His research extended from the 1930s through to the 1960s when some of the records were declassified. These are the most comprehensive accounts of the U boat war and contain much information on U boat activity around Ireland. The majority of wartime wrecks around the Irish coast date from the first world war because the Battle of the Atlantic in the second world war shifted into the deeper waters to the west.

reviewed by Eddie Bourke