Treasure wrecks


Treasure wrecks of the Northern Seas by Nigel Pickford

Chatham publishing ISBN 1 86176 250 X


What a book. Nigel Pickford has triumphed again with a cracker of a book covering the story of treasure wrecks in the North Sea and Scandinavia. The research is meticulous and the historic background fills in detail which is not commonly provided in lesser texts. Nigel Pickford and his father before him have an unsurpassed capability in the sharp end of maritime research. They worked for the world renowned firm of Riesdon Beazley who made a living from the location and salvage of wrecks. There are full chapters on a Viking wreck; discovery of pottery by early divers; loss of warships with treasure aboard and the Lutine (discover that the bell at Lloyds bears a former name St Jean). The loss of the Wilhelm Gustloff is considered and whether the famous amber room recently recreated in St Petersburg was aboard. While the Titanic was the most famous shipwreck the number lost on the Gustloff was the worst ever. The main chapters are followed by an extensive Gazetteer of treasure wrecks in the North Sea and Baltic. It confirms that there have been huge finds of treasure by divers and there is much more out there. Do note of course that in the UK as well as Ireland only archaeologists may make these finds and if you locate anything they will seize it.

reviewed by Eddie Bourke