Shipwrecks of Ireland

Shipwrecks of Ireland

Shipwrecks of Ireland Edward J Bourke

Published by Tempus Publications, Images of Ireland series, Stroud Gloustershire, October 2000, £10.99 Sterling, ISBN 0 7524 1764 9

Once again, this author continues to confound those who might be tempted to believe that there cannot be any further unpublished records remaining on shipwrecks around the coast of Ireland. He has already completed two volumes ( a third to be published shortly) documenting thousands of these disasters, and now this. A photographic history containing 128 pages of photographs and depictions of shipwrecks and rescues which ideally compliments his other works.

The collection has been retrieved from private and public sources, with many surprises, from excellent history on salvage laws and lore to wonderful photographs by Mr Ensor of the notable Irish salvage company of the same name. It is inevitable that this work will delight the diving community but more importantly , it will stand beside his other volumes on the shelves of many libraries and archives, enlightening and enriching an appreciation of maritime folklore and history for generations to come.

The single most useful thing I can say about this book is that it will undoubtedly go the way of his earlier works, i.e. having to be replaced due to constant referencing.

Review by Roy Stokes