Lighthouse Stephensons


The Lighthouse Stephensons by Bella Bathurst

Flamingo, 1999, ISBN 000 653076 1 £7.99


Well referenced and carefully researched this book is a fine account of the early days of lighthouse construction in the Northern area. It is particularly revealing in the detail of the famous Stephenson engineering family. One might have expected that the great engineering historian had more to say about the Stephensons but Bella Bathurst has admirably filled the gap. There is a lot to be researched about the feats of these men. They were truly at the cutting edge of research and in the lighthouse work at the cutting edge of civilisation. The lonely rocks where they plied their trade were savagely lashed by seas and their construction work torn away by winter storms. This is the tale of hardship, heroism and a battle against the seas with stone not ships. Generously illustrated and well produced

reviewed by Eddie Bourke