Adriatic Sea

adriatic sea

Secrets of the Adriatic Sea by Daniel Frka & Jasen Mesic

Published by Adamic Rijeka, 2003. €40 ISBN 953 219 117 8

This divers guide to the wrecks of the Croatian adriatic sea is a must for those intending to visit Croatian waters. The style and format are clear and detailed. Only a small number of wrecks are covered but that is because the space taken for each entry is significant. Data given includes the now obligatory computer graphic but these look realistic. The story of the loss and historical context are included as well as a liberal number of good photographs. Unfortunately many of those listed are on sea bottoms of 60 metres which deters all but the most dedicated and well equipped divers. The book is translated from the Serbo Croat edition and the translation is slightly awkward in places.

reviewed by Eddie Bourke