Landfall Ireland

Landfall Ireland

Landfall Ireland by Donal McCarron

ISBN 1 904 242 03 0 €20.85

Donal McCarron has contributed extensively to military history studies in Ireland in many magazine articles. This book on aircraft which came down in Ireland during world war two. There is significant scuba diving interest because the majority of the planes which came down in the sea have not been located. Indeed there was a diving expedition some years ago covered in Subsea Magazine to a plane crashed in a mountain lake in Kerry. Donal's book is very comprehensive but citations that all incidents are not fully documented. He relies heavily on the notes taken by the observers stationed in the little octagonal huts which still survive 60 years after their construction on the main headlands of ireland. The records of these lonely posts survive at military archives in Dublin. The book is very extensively illustrated and makes most interesting reading for anyone with an interest in aircraft.

reviewed by Eddie Bourke

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