Lecture 8Jan15 – Old Gaffers – Extreem Waves – Solo Race

Thursday 8 January 2015 at 8pm in Poolbeg Yacht and Boat Club, Ringsend BALTIMORE MARITIME CENTRE Two Presentations:

EXTREME WAVES IN IRELAND - Their Observation and their Generation - Professor Frederic Dias


Entry €5 in aid of RNLI

EXTREME WAVES IN IRELAND: Their Observation and their Generation by Professor Frederic Dias

Frédéric Dias, is Professor of Mathematics at UCD where he leads a team of 15 people working on wave energy converters. In 2012, he received a prestigious Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to work on the understanding of extreme wave events, followed in 2014 by a Proof of Concept Grant from the ERC to work on wave measurement. Also in 2014 Professor Dias was awarded the Emilia Valori prize for applications of science by the French Academy of Sciences.

During this illustrated talk, Professor Dias will provide some evidence of extreme wave events and describe the main mechanisms for their generation. There will be a special focus on the west coast of Ireland and on the winter of 2013/2014. The study of extreme wave events on the ocean is a rapidly expanding area of research worldwide. Although much work in this area is based on modelling and experiments in controlled wave tanks, the starting point of all studies is of course observation in the natural world


Tom Dolan, Le Glenans sailing manager in Concarneau, will give a short presentation on his bid to race solo in a 6.5m boat for 4,000 miles from Brest to Guadeloupe , starting 15 Sept 2105. He has acquired a Pogo 2 but, apart from his winter training, is actively seeking sponsorship. Details at www.tdsailing.com

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