Commemoration 20 November 2016

As usual, on the third Sunday of November, (20th November 2016) at 12 noon, a commemoration will be held in Dublin to remember all who died at sea; in particular those who were lost from Irish-flagged ships during World War Two. This year has seen many commemorations of both World Wars. Those whose names are inscribed on the City Quay Memorial lost their lives serving under the Irish Tricolour.
The commemoration in Cork will be an Ecumenical Service in Port of Cork Offices, Custom House Street at 12 noon on Sunday, 27th November 2016.
The 2016 Annual National Commemoration Services For Irish Seafarers will be held at 12 noon on Sunday 20th November 2016, at the City Quay Memorial to Irish Seafarers. The commemoration will conducted by the port chaplains: Rev. William Black and Rev. Padraig O'Cuill O.F.M. Cap. The "house flags" of the Irish war-time shipping companies along with the banner of the Maritime Institute of Ireland will be paraded by the Sea Scouts. Wreaths will be laid. Addresses will be made.

The company will then depart for the National Maritime Museum in Dún Laoghaire. The Tara Street Dart station is on City Quay and the museum is convenient to Dún Laoghaire Dart station. The museum is housed in the former Mariners' Church; it's steeple is clearly visible from the Dart station.
At 2pm there will be an ecumenical service in the National Maritime Museum, conducted by Fr. Pat Mernagh CF, army chaplain and Rev. Ása Björk Ólafsdótirr rector of Christchurch, Dún Laoghaire.
Refreshments will then be served.

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