• Logo of Irish Coast GuardAs a contributor to and a former Irish Coast Guard I would like to say something about the devastating news which reached us early on Tuesday 14th March 2017. Words fail to convey such a tragedy yet words are all we have to deal with the trauma felt by all who are ... Click for detail
  • ShowcaseOn-line Journal of Research on Irish Maritime History: a list of articles published here, presented in a grid layout. Placing the mouse over any square in the grid will give some more information. Click on a square will present the full article. The grid can be enlarged by pressing on the Ctrl ... Click for detail
  • Tom MacSweeneyThis Island Nation, designed to be a reflective, informative and entertaining programme about maritime matters, is now a weekly radio program. Click here for details. Click for detail
  • VendeeThe Vendee Globe Solo Round the World Race starts on the 6th Nov 2016. This race, in France, has a greater following than the Tour de France or Roland Garros. As Enda O’Coineen the first Irishman to take part in qualifiers has achieved just that in style in December 2015 Click for detail
  • bell I have been aware of Dublin’s Diving Bell since a lecture in 2002 at the Maritime Institute winter lecture series held at Stella Maris, Beresford Place. The lecture itself was pretty unremarkable but at the Q&A afterwards we learned that in the audience was Joe Murphy the last foreman/diver who worked on the ... Click for detail
  • memorialCormac Lowth retells the tragic story of the Palme, also referred to as the Kingstown Lifeboat Disaster of 1895, on YouTube: David Owens was the camera man. subtitles are optional Click for detail
  • Between the TidesRoy Stokes examines some of the historic shipwrecks of the Irish coast. Click for detail
The original Lugnad was, according to legend, a "luamaire": that is a navigator or helmsman. He is credited with bringing his uncle, Saint Patrick, to Ireland. Lugnad's grave is in a ruined monastery on Inchagoill island in Lough Corrib, County Galway