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“Gregor on a Voyage for Madmen”

The Golden Globe Race 1968 - 2018


Gregor McGuckin

Thursday 2 February 2017 20:00

Entry €5 (in aid of RNLI)

In 1968, 9 men set out from the UK in an attempt to be the first person to sail completely alone, non-stop and without any assistance around the world. Of the 9 men that left only 1, Sir Robin Knox Johnston, would make it back on 32-foot Suhaili and into the history books.

In June 2018, 50 years on from this infamous race, 30 competitors will be setting out again from the UK in an attempt to replicate this great race by sailing alone, non-stop around the world using only technology from the 1960's. This means no GPS, satellite communications, water-makers and modern light-weight materials.

Dubliner, Gregor McGuckin, will be one of those on the start line in 2018, aiming to be the first Irishman to sail solo, completely non-stop around the world.

Gregor is a professional sailor who started out in the West of Ireland instructing Windsurfing and Sailing with Glenans amongst others. Since then he has become a professional delivery skipper with over 50,000 miles including several Atlantic and an Indian Ocean crossing.

In his illustrated presentation, Gregor will tell the story of the original race and what inspired him to compete in the "retro" 2018 edition of the Golden Globe Race.

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