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Captain Hutchison

Captain William Hutchison (1793-1881): the first Harbourmaster of Kingstown 1817-1874; Coxswain of the Dublin port lifeboat based at Sandycove; Ex Lieutenant in RN; Inspector of Bulloch Quarries; Pilot Master Port of Dublin; Justice of the Peace.

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From Havana to Skibereen (Piet Hein)

print of the Santa Anna Fleet

“The bones of the treasure ship Santa Anna Maria lie strewn in forty feet of water on a rocky headland off Reen point in Castlehaven. Her oak keel and planking are largely intact” – read the story from the age of discovery and colonization of kingdoms of the new world.

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Apostleship of the Sea (Stella Maris)

The Apostleship of the Sea (affectionately known as Stella Maris to seafarers in approximately 60 countries (many with multiple ports) by Rose Kearney

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One-Legged Sailor stoned the King

Dennis Collins One-Legged Sailor stoned the King by Cormac F Lowth Throughout the year 1832, debates raged in the British Parliament at Westminster on the subject of Reform. Passions were aroused on the subject and there were heated exchanges which

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Hobblers – who were they?

More than seven decades after their dangerous enterprise came to an end Dun Laoghaire families with close links to the sea gathered in late September to honour the hobblers.

“The who? ” asked one local teenager when told by a friend that he intended to be present at the dedication in Dun Laoghaire harbour of a compelling monument to the men who years ago guided ships to harbour before the arrival of the Dublin Port pilots.

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The Boyd Disaster

February 1861 will be remembered not only for the loss of a great many ships around Dublin Bay but also for the death of a heroic man, who, with some of his companions, attempted to save the lives of some members of shipwrecked crews in Kingstown. This was Captain John McNeil Boyd of the guard-ship H. M. S. AJAX.

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Simon Bolivar – Liberator of Venezuela

One thousand men of the Irish Legion landed on Venezuela’s Margarita Island in August 1819, after a 4,500-mile sea voyage from Dublin. These soldiers of fortune, many of them recently demobilized veterans of the Napoleonic Wars, now sought fame and adventure in the armies of South America’s Liberator, Simon Bolivar. In the years 1819 and 1820, more than 2,100 Irish soldiers reached Venezuela as members of organized Irish regiments.

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John Richardson Wigham

A great inventor and businessman. Actually born in Scotland, he was accused of being Irish, which he never denied. When he was 15 years old he left Scotland for Dublin to start his apprenticeship. Despite prejudice he was very successful

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John DeLap – Imperial Russian Navy

John DeLap of the Imperial Russian Navy, credited with saving the life of Peter the Great

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Robert Gibbings, Underwater Artist

Robert Gibbings, An Irish Artist Underwater By Cormac F. LowthFirst published in SUBSEA, the quarterly journal of the Irish Underwater Council, Autumn 2007. Nowadays we tend to take the imagery produced underwater, mostly by digital photography, very much for granted.

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Why are goods transported on land called a "shipment" and why are goods transported by sea called "cargo"?