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Lecture 26Apr16 Cormac Lowth


Maritime Institute of Ireland Aud wreck © John Collins photography Illustrated Lecture The Roles of the Aud and the Helga in the 1916 rising Tuesday 26 April 2016 19:30 by Cormac F Lowth at Maritime Museum Dún Laoghaire Admission free

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New Article, by Joe Ryan: Irish Shipping Ltd. and the Ministry of Supplies

Séan Lemass

This article has been written to give people a sense of conditions in Ireland during the early years of the “Emergency” which existed in Ireland from 1939 and the urgent need for shipping which brought about the formation of Irish Shipping Ltd. In condensing a journal of 200 close typewritten pages much detail can be lost but I have taken great pains to reproduce each commodity named so you will understand where the most want occurred. I have learned great respect for the Minister, his Department, the officials of Irish Shipping, their Officers and Crew many of whom paid the ultimate price, with their lives, so we would have the necessities of life at a very turbulent time for our young Nation and the World.

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Lecture 14 April 2016

Dr Ed Bourke

Glenua Sailing Centre Aud wreck © John Collins photography Maritime Aspects of The 1916 Rising by Dr. Edward Bourke Thursday 14 April 2016 20:00 at Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club Ringsend Entry €5 (in aid of RNLI) Glenua Sailing

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Lecture 3 March 2016

Glenua Sailing Centre   The Sea From Two Perspectives   Art and the Sea-An Enduring Fascination by Jessica O’Donnell  Putting Eyes in the Deep Ocean by Fiona Grant Thursday 3 March 2016 20:00 at Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club Ringsend

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Lecture 17 Feb 2016


Illustrated Lecture Dún Laoghaire Borough Historical Society Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire Wednesday, February 17th 2016 at 8pm “The story of Erskine Childers and the Asgard” by Pat Murphy The design and building of the boat The landing of the

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Atlantic Youth Trust – AGM


The AGM of Atlantic Youth Trust (AYT) took place on Thursday 21st Jan. The goal is to build a Tall Ship for the island of Ireland. A new 45m steel vessel with a fulltime crew of 8 and 40 trainees. This vessel will be built to Class A passenger ship standards. The projected cost is €16m. The Irish Government made a commitment to a portion of the capital sum. Northern Ireland Assembly decided to match this offer.

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Illustrated Lecture on Dublin Port’s Diving Bell.


Dublin Port’s Diving Bell Illustrated Lecture on Dublin Port’s Diving Bell. Continuing this series of lectures around Dublin Bay. The Lecture will take place at the following venues: Royal St. George Yacht Club (RSGYC), 19:30 Wednesday Feb 17th 2016. Royal

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Lecture 4 Feb 2016

George Forbes

Glenua Sailing Centre George Forbes Longford’s Forgotten Admiral by Joe Varley Thursday 4 February 201620:00at Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club Ringsend Entry €5 (in aid of RNLI) Joe Varley has a reputation for being an engaging and entertaining lecturer.

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Lecture 5May2016


Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Ireland Lecture by Edward J Bourke Lusitania The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Ireland.No. 1 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland Thursday, 5th March 2016 at 8pm A look at the loss of the

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Lecture 6 March 2016 (Irish underwater council AGM)

Hodson Bay Hotel

at Irish underwater council AGM Lecture by Edward J Bourke Maritime aspects of 1916 Easter Rising Hodson bay Hotel Athlone Sunday afternoon 6th March 2016 at 3pm Some new light on the 1916 Rising from an external maritime viewpoint in

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