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Lecture 8 Dec 16: Maritime Dublin from old Photographs

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Lecture 8 Dec 16: Cormac Lowth will give a photographic tour of the Dublin and adjacent Coastline, starting at Greystones and continuing around to Howth, from old photographs. He will be showing a great many rare and interesting images of places, people
and events of a maritime nature, connected with the Coastline.

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Lecture 29Nov2016

Winkie Nixon

Lecture: 29 Nov 2016 at 8pm in the Poolbeg Yacht and boat club Winkie Nixon will speak on “When Gaffers weren’t old”

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Lecture 16 Nov 16

Royal Marine

Lecture on Herman Gortz, head of the German espionage network Ireland, related by Historian James Scannell

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Lecture 1 Nov 2016


Lecture, 1 November 2016, Cormac Lowth, “Maritime Dublin from old photographs”

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Lecture 3Nov16

Austin O'Carroll

“The Road to Rio Paralympic Sailing”-An illustrated lecture by Dr Austin O’Carroll will take place on Thursday 3 November (20:00hrs) at the Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club, Ringsend, Dublin 4. There will be an entry fee of €5 in aid of the charity organisation, Safetynet, instead of our usual RNLI.

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In his illustrated lecture, Dermot Cronin of Malahide Yacht Club, will bring us the inside story of how his son Paddy and himself won the Double-handed division of the 2015 Middle Sea Race in their yacht Encore, a First 40.7. Apart from the tactical challenges, it was an energy–sapping race with frequent sail-changing and variable winds reaching 42kts+.

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Lecture 27 Sept 2016

Lecture “Shipwrecks of Dublin Bay” by Dr Ed Bourke in Howth 27 September 2016

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Lecture 26Apr16 Cormac Lowth


Maritime Institute of Ireland Aud wreck © John Collins photography Illustrated Lecture The Roles of the Aud and the Helga in the 1916 rising Tuesday 26 April 2016 19:30 by Cormac F Lowth at Maritime Museum Dún Laoghaire Admission free

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Lecture 14 April 2016

Dr Ed Bourke

Glenua Sailing Centre Aud wreck © John Collins photography Maritime Aspects of The 1916 Rising by Dr. Edward Bourke Thursday 14 April 2016 20:00 at Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club Ringsend Entry €5 (in aid of RNLI) Glenua Sailing

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Lecture 3 March 2016

Glenua Sailing Centre   The Sea From Two Perspectives   Art and the Sea-An Enduring Fascination by Jessica O’Donnell  Putting Eyes in the Deep Ocean by Fiona Grant Thursday 3 March 2016 20:00 at Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club Ringsend

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Why are goods transported on land called a "shipment" and why are goods transported by sea called "cargo"?