The Artist on the Island

an Achill Journal

by Pete Hogan

Book Cover - Artist on the Island

The Artist on the Island

This is precisely what it says in the title. – a journal of a stay on the remote island Achillbeg off the May coast. Pete Hogan stayed on the 300 acre island during Winter 1982. His adventures and observations form the main part of the book. The outstanding feature however is not the narrative which is some how compelling but the illustrations. That is of course the whole purpose of the expedition to work as an artist on a remote island. It is a lavishly illustrated memoir of a lonely and isolated sojourn on the island. He had to use all his resources previously displayed in his round the world voyage in the Molly B to survive the harsh environment. Even trips to Dublin were a three day Odyssey. A simple but enthralling tale touching on the idiosyncrasies of west of Ireland life, the visit from eth curious Guards, the fishermen and the sheep farmers all expressed their curiosity of the unusual abode but revealed the curiosity of their own situation. An insight into a remote life.
Published by The Liffey press, Dublin, 2013 ISBN 978 190830849-8

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