Where Ships Go


Where Ships Go
by Mike Stammers

Tempus Publishing, 2005 ISBN 07524 2999X £17.99

Mike Stammers is universally linked with Liverpool Maritime museum and is therefore well equipped to follow the fate of ships. In this curious book he follows the fate of ships that long outlived their period in trade. Some were abandoned in backwaters especially at the Falkland Islands. This is where Mike spent considerable time working on the wrecks abandoned as hulks after damage rounding the Horn. It is the first book to focus on the afterlife of a ship and covers ship breaking and ship wrecking. It is an interesting maritime book in all respects.

reviewed by Eddie Bourke


The original Lugnad was, according to legend, a "luamaire": that is a navigator or helmsman. He is credited with bringing his uncle, Saint Patrick, to Ireland. Lugnad's grave is in a ruined monastery on Inchagoill island in Lough Corrib, County Galway